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Knights Who Say Kni
Let's see yo ugly mugs.
Mar 30, 08 6:56 PM
Whats up in Land of Kni?
Mar 11, 08 1:43 AM
Hot off the Press
Feb 17, 08 10:08 PM
Howdy Ho!
Feb 17, 08 10:05 PM
I Say Kni to you
Oct 1, 07 11:21 PM
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Welcome to the Knights Who Say Kni website.

Let's see yo ugly mugs.

539175902_Inactive, Mar 30, 08 6:56 PM.
We are seriously lacking on member pics. So here is my challenge i put forth to everyone. Send me some mugshots. So that we can put em up on the site. Take your best screenshot and send em in. Exotic locals are always nice. Try to get your name in the shot. Say Kni! or just hi or whatever. Send em in and I'll post em. Email to I check my mail daily. And if u got some raid pics u would like posted we can do that too. Funny or wierd pics send those too. All is appreciated.


Whats up in Land of Kni?

538987941_Inactive, Mar 11, 08 1:43 AM.

Guild dings Level 67.

Gratz everyone for all your hard work.
Lets keep up the good work. Some good guild items become available to us at level 70.

Welcome back
An old friend returns. Please welcome back Cheezuz who has been good enough to put together an incentive to hand in some writs. We will pay you in silver the amount of status you earn. Please check out his in game guild mail for further details.


Raiding News
We have been on a recruiting drive and have picked up some more people interested in raiding. Please welcome them aboard.

We have been raiding recently.
The Cavern of the Crustacean x2 ….
Ascent of the Awakened x2 – We now have access to the x4 instance
Laboratory of Lord Vyemm x4
Inner Sanctum x4

I will put some screen shots up soon.

I will also be listing down the names of the regular raiders and putting up notices of which classes are currently critical for our future raiding success.

Heritage Quests
I am going to schedule a heritage quest that we will be running each week. I will start sending out guild mails and updating the calendar on this site. Check it out regularly for guild events.

Hot off the Press

538987941_Inactive, Feb 17, 08 10:08 PM.

Raiding News

As most of you know, our alliance with Legion of Steel has allowed us to enter and complete many of the high level raid zones. There are some times spots available for high level toons to join in. If you have characters between 70 and 80 and want to go along then you will need to add the alliance chat channel as Kahling will call out for interest in this channel. I will update the details under the Information box in Alliance details LOS.

To attend the raid they do require you to be using Vent not Team Speak.

Raiding Knights

For those of us that cant make the LOS alliance raid, I am putting together a Raiding party which will be starting to form at 9:15am GMT time.

We will be raiding 2 times a week.
Days chosen so far will be Mondays and Fridays.
The raids will initially go for max 2 hours.
We will be using Team Speak I will add the details to the forum. Even if you don’t want to talk, please install it and listen. It makes it easier to give instructions.
I will begin to post the raid information on the raid web site.
Please be on time if you are scheduled to attend.
Only put your name down if you are able to attend.

We have need of a few specific classes and a couple more people.
If you are interested speak to Thor/Xushen.

General News

We are going to have a few events coming up so stay tuned.

1. City Writ competition.

2. Scavenger Hunt

3. Best in game screen shot

If you have any more ideas on competitions please get in touch with one of the officers.  

Howdy Ho!

539175902_Inactive, Feb 17, 08 10:05 PM.
Thor has bestowed upon me a great privledge. And as soon as i find my dictionary I will get to work updating the site a little. Some images. Some pics. And current info for members seeking such stuff. So check back and you will see a few things that were'nt there before. KNI!

I Say Kni to you

538987941_Inactive, Oct 1, 07 11:21 PM.


Yes I haven’t updated the messages for a little while.
The Scavenger Hunt went well and the prizes have been awarded.
We will be looking at organising another one in the near future.


The alliance with Legion of Steel and Dragons of the Old Order and Prater Spiritus has allowed us to complete most of the KOS raid zones. We have completed LABS, Lyceum and most recently Death Toll. While we haven’t yet completed HOS, we have come close but haven’t visited the zone for a while.

Remember to get on to the raid, you will need to be there early as spots go fast! We are now also using DKP - their is a link to the current DKP list under information called raid points. Check it out to see what you are currently on. I will put up more information over the next few days on how it all works. Check out the forums under raid for more details.

A good by
Icejag and Illy are going to be off line for a while with there new work commitments. We wish you the best of luck. Don’t forget us and come back when ever you can. 

Cheers and happy hunting

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